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ANGELS EMBRACE® Home Health Care Resources

Like some other providers, we choose to differentiate the service we provide into two categories: Home Health Care and Home Care. The use of a medical professional, like a physical therapist, a nurse, or a CNA, is home health care. Help with dressing, bathing, grooming, chores, errands and medical reminders, is home care. Often these two parts work together and can be placed loosely under the larger label of home health care.

The care can be further subdivided into agency and private hire care. With agency care you pay the agency directly who in turn screen, hire and pay health professionals and caregivers to assist you. Essentially, we do all the work and bear all the responsibility for our caregivers.

Private hire is between you and someone you choose to employ and pay directly. We still screen caregivers and the client pays a percentage of the first month of care services to the agency. The client is responsible for providing year end tax forms to the caregiver.